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About is a convenient webshop for musicians and others!

It has never been easier to buy printed CD's and DVD's, as well as pressed vinyl!
With your purchase, you'll receive good service, high quality and quick, free delivery! is a Swedish limited liability company with double AA solidity. This means that when you shop with us, you shop safely and securely, without any unpleasant surprises.

In 2013, 98% of our customers received their production on the promised date, and 82% of them became repeat customers!! Those are figures that we are very proud of.

Beware, do not fall:
The industry is swarming with "amateurs" who are looking for extra income in their spare time. Not a day goes by without us getting calls from angry customers who were disappointed with their previous choice of supplier. Your choice of supplier is crucial for the results of your production/work. Choose

Knowledge & Success:
With over 20 years of experience in advanced CD, DVD and vinyl production, we recommend that you choose a successful and financially stable partner with a good reputation. During these years, we have gained over 11000 satisfied customers throughout Scandinavia and Europe. We are well-known for our dedication, for our friendly attitude at all times, but above all for how professionally we manage each project from start to finish.

Small volume requirements:
We specialise in providing our customers with CD, DVD and vinyl productions in small volumes with quality on par with that of mass production.

We have very quickly become the market leader in this area.
We are a modern webshop for CD, DVD and pressed vinyl with print!

Our ultra modern machinery (CTP Offset/digital UV, DMM) is cost-effective, fast and smooth. It enables us to keep our prices as low as possible while still delivering high quality.

You can reach us during daytime hours (09.00-17.00 weekdays). We always answer the phone within 2 rings. We always reply by chat (much appreciated) within 10 seconds and via email within 1 hour!

Strict business policy, phenomenal team spirit and great co-workers make for a "winning team."

Free delivery:
When you shop with us, you will see the final price, excluding VAT, right away. No start-up fees! Moreover, we offer free shipping up to 20kg to private persons (mypack)! You simply pay with a card or invoice through Klarna.

We deliver!
At, we're all about service, dedication, and quality. Successful CD, DVD and vinyl productions require 100% focus on you as a customer and your wishes. We deliver your productions directly to your door (company) or to the delivery point closest to you (with SMS notification). No hassles for you as a customer. Although CD & DVD production is fully automated, we have staff that ensures the quality of the final product and packaging.

Product guarantee
We have a guaranteed delivery time of 14 business days after approved proof for productions with packaging, which means that we deliver quickly and smoothly without any hassles. We reserve the right to possibly longer delivery times when demand is high for us during holidays, but we do everything we can to keep our 14 days in so far as it goes.


Our high quality standards ensure that we do not deliver something that will not look good in print. We check all files before printing and contact you if something does not look right with the print files, etc. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong and you receive a defective disc, you will get two new discs back. We use exclusively, without exception, the very best CD and DVD material: Mitsui /MAM-A (for productions of less than 500 copies).

Prices exclude VAT, no extra fees,
order online, no fuzz,  no hassle!

Once we receive your approval via email, we begin production of your order. Delivery time is standard 14 business days after approval.
From 27/6, our delivery times are extended due to holiday closure v28-31, orders made after this date will be delivered by the end of August.

We deliver your production directly to your door if you have a company (and are on site). If you order as a private person
you will get your package delivered to the nearest delivery point (service point).
Come check us out - we hope you will be satisfied with your discs!