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Terms and Conditions - /

  1. General

These terms and conditions cover what applies in all cases when executes a job order for the Customer (hereinafter called the Job Order), or alternatively when the Customer buys goods from (hereinafter called the Purchase), unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing. Any such other agreement is valid only if it has been signed by both parties. Customer orders entail approval of this agreement.

  1. Quotations and prices

A quotation from is valid for thirty (30) days from the quotation date given on the quotation (Quotation validity period).

All prices in the quotation are given in SEK and do not include VAT, shipment and other fees and supplementary charges. The prices given in a quotation that have been accepted for a duly placed order shall apply, even if the General price list changes during the quotation validity period. The pricelist for the range offered by is valid for thirty (30) days from reception. The Customer is responsible for taking note of any price changes and for requesting a new price list.

  1. Reservation

We do not take any responsibility for errors in prices or content on the website and

  1. Payment terms and conditions requests both payment in advance or payment in arrears. What applies in each individual case. For payment in advance, settlement to must be made before the order is binding and processed. For payment in arrears, the invoice is sent from Klarna on the set delivery date and payment must be made within fifteen (15) days net from the invoice date unless agreed otherwise. In the event of late payment, is entitled to late payment interest at an annual rate of twenty-four (24) percent. In addition to late payment interest, the Customer shall compensate for any costs arising from the collection of such claims, as well as for postage of payment demands. All goods remain the property of until full settlement of payment. If there are reasonable grounds to assume that the Customer will not be able to fulfil his payment obligations, reserves the right to suspend execution of the Job Order and to withhold all material that has been produced and delivered by the Customer until full settlement has been made to including claims against the Customer or until acceptable collateral has been secured. If this is not the case, reserves the right to cancel the agreement. If the agreement is cancelled, the Customer is, at the request of, liable to return those goods that he has failed to fulfil his payment obligations for, at his own cost.

  1. Supplementary charges may charge extra for work due to shortcomings in or changes/corrections of material delivered by the Customer, and/or in those cases where the Customer in some other way changes the pre-conditions for the Job Order in relation to what was originally agreed.

Shortcomings in delivery include the Customer not delivering material at the agreed time or not in accordance with the applicable material specification.

  1. Quality tolerance

The Job Order is executed using the master copy and the material that the Customer has delivered for use in the production of printed matter (Original material) and occurs in accordance with the specifications used by for the production of this type of material produced by the said production techniques. Defects do not include anything that, as per established and accepted professional practice, are considered to be a minor discrepancy or which are due to faults in the Original material that was delivered by the Customer to

  1. Delivery times

Delivery times are given in the Order acknowledgement/quotation that are based on and specify the number of workdays that the production will take. The delivery time starts to run when the Customer has delivered all the Original material and has sent the order acknowledgement (Start of production). The delivery time can be extended if the Customer makes changes to the placed order, and/or delays delivery of the approved Original material in some other way.

  1. Complaints

It is incumbent upon the Customer on delivery to examine, without undue delay, whether the delivery fulfils quantity and quality requirements as per point 6 and 7 above. If discrepancies beyond the tolerance levels are found, the Customer shall immediately notify about this. Such complaints shall be made in writing and communicated to within ten (10) workdays from the delivery date. For hidden discrepancies, is only responsible for discrepancies that have been notified within fifty (50) workdays of the delivery date.


  1. Returns

We apply a no-return policy. Customized production solely as per the customer’s request cannot be returned.

  1. Goods damaged in transport

If any goods from are damaged in transport, whether such damage is clearly visible or not, must be reported immediately to the shipper no later than within 7 (seven) days.

  1. Limitation of liability declines any liability for late deliveries. is not liable for any discrepancies caused by shortcomings in, delays of or corrupted Original material or other information from the Customer. is not liable to compensate the Customer in the event of, for e.g., but not limited to, incompatibility issues, disruption of operations, loss of data or other financial losses. is not liable to compensate the Customer for any indirect losses, and the total compensation liability of can never exceed the value of the Job Order/Purchase in question that is the subject of the complaint.

  1. Customer liability

The Customer shall reimburse liable for any compensation that may have to pay out to third parties due to damage to property or injury to persons, or in the event of violation of a third party’s intellectual copyrights if the fault or shortcoming is due to the Original material or other information that the Customer has provided with.

  1. Original material

The Customer shall provide all Original material that is necessary for execution of the Job Order. The delivery of such material is at the cost of the Customer and to a location indicated by The Original material shall comply with the specifications that uses on each occasion. The Original material is stored at free of charge for the Customer for 24 months after the last order date (Storage period). It is then destroyed unless the Customer has requested beforehand that the material is returned. Return of such material is at the cost of the Customer. Certain Original material, for e.g. glass and film masters, cannot be returned but are destroyed after the Storage period.All storage of Original material occurs at the customer’s risk, and cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of Original material.

  1. Intellectual copyrights

The Customer guarantees that the Original material does not violate anyone’s copyright, trade mark rights or other intellectual rights and furthermore that it is not of such a nature or design that infringes the law, any regulations, guidelines by competent authorities, usage or practices, good marketing practices, nor is likely to cause offence or public anger. The Customer is responsible for all obligations to right-holders or competent authorities, including, but not limited to, the payment of royalties, legal deposit procedures and similar obligations. reserves the right to, without compensation liability to the Customer, suspend the Job Order if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the Original material violates that stipulated in the above two paragraphs. If the Customer violates what is stipulated in the above two paragraphs in point 13, the Customer is liable to compensate for any damages or costs that incurs for such reasons. Such costs include, but are not limited to, damages, legal costs and other costs for legal counsel.

  1. Force Majeure

The parties are exempted from the obligations that are incumbent upon them as per this agreement to the extent that either party is prevented from fulfilling its obligations due to general strikes beyond their control, rioting, flooding, war, government decrees or similar (force majeure). The parties shall, in such an event, immediately notify the other party in writing of such circumstances and shall try, as far as possible, to prevent or counter any impediments that make it impossible for them to fulfil their obligations. Such a notification entails that the Delivery time is extended by forty (40) workdays, and in the event that the impeding circumstances remain after more than forty (40) workdays, then either Party is entitled to cancel the order in writing without the right to compensation.

  1. Disputes

The agreement shall be governed by Swedish law as is applicable to an agreement that has been entered into in Sweden between Swedish parties. Disputes arising out of the Agreement shall be settled in Sweden by the arbitrator as per Swedish arbitration law. If the dispute involves, at the date the present action commenced, no more than two (2) basic amounts (price) as per the National Insurance Act (1962 :381), both Parties are however entitled to bring proceedings in an ordinary court in Sweden.
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